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Here's what some of our students have to say:

We have been dancing for about three years, and because of Dance Charisma with Eileen we look forward to many more.  The Wednesday night lesson and social is a great time for all, from beginners to the more advanced.  There is a professional atmosphere but certainly no shortage of laughter.  Eileen teaching with patience and precision combined with her dedication makes for a very comfortable dance experience.  Thanks for the memories!


Bill and Ilona

Eileen has been successful in creating a warm, pleasant and inviting environment for all dancers at her studio, Dance Charisma.  Her style and approach is one of friendship and caring, with a genuine sense of happiness and humor.


She is a structured, professional instructor for either social or competitive dancing.  Attitudes are left at the door.  A sense of family and camaraderie has been fostered by Eileen.


We would strongly recommend one and all to stop by and share the Dance Charisma experience, whether you are visiting or local, especially on Wednesday nights which includes a beginner/intermediate lesson combined with social dancing afterwards.  The interaction and mingling is such that we hardly miss a Wednesday evening.


George and Judy

Like, no doubt, a lot of men I began my sojourn into ballroom dancing at the behest of my wife who, unlike me, is somewhat of a natural and loves the whole concept of dancing. So I went with a crust of skepticism fueled by a palpable lack of skill and self confidence. What I discovered, however, was amazing!


That the world of dance is vast I perhaps realized at some level, but that I could actually learn this was a surprise every bit as much as it has been a joy. My good fortune was finding Eileen Walden's, Dance Charisma. Eileen's approach is both informal and fun. Her studio offers both group and private lessons and participating in both provides an easy overview  followed-up by closer, and in my view, valuable one-on-one instruction. This combination allows one to learn not only the mechanics of a particular dance step but the nuance as well.


Eileen is a marvelous instructor. She has the rare talent of being able to explain the same concept several different ways which enables her teaching to resonate on many different levels. Eileen Walden is a top professional, a gifted teacher, and the nicest of people. Under her tutelage even guys like me can learn... and have a great time doing it!


Denny Pistoll



I made the decision to learn ballroom dancing after joining my sister, nieces and nephew in a handful of lessons in preparation for a wedding.


I could not know, then, how fortunate I was to be starting with Eileen as my dance teacher. What I did know, however, was that she seemed to know what she was teaching.


Several years later, I’m still learning ballroom dancing with Eileen as my teacher – precisely because she knows what she is teaching. As I’ve advanced in my level of dance, I’ve enjoyed the company of other dancers along the way, and most of that within the Dance Charisma studio itself.


I’ve also been afforded the opportunity to compete – my choice and the fulfillment of a long-held desire after years of saying to myself, “I wish I could do that” whenever I’d see dancers in movies or on TV. For me, the dream is realized because one teacher makes learning to dance fun and affordable. I’m hoping for many more years of dancing at Eileen’s studio, Dance Charisma.


Mike Lilly

My husband, Ed, and I started taking lessons with Eileen Walden at Dance Charisma almost five years ago.  We started in a private group lesson with two other couples that are friends.  Gradually the other two couples dropped out.  We found that Eileen was easily able to address out different learning styles.  She is totally patient and makes even our mistakes seem fun.  She never criticizes, but is able to share the correct method with us.  Finally, I decided to suppress my shyness and we started coming to the Wednesday open lesson.  I was nervous about switching to a partner that I didn’t know, but when I started doing that, I was amazed at how much more I learned.  Now we combine private and group lessons.  Although new people are always welcome and welcomed at the Wednesday evening lesson, the group that regularly attends now feels like our family of dance.   We couldn’t have found a better teacher.   
Susan Houcek

I've been taking dance lessons with Eileen for several years and learning is still fun!

Stan Kopacz

When Maryann and I were planning our wedding back in 2005, we wanted to
make our First Dance at the reception special.  Maryann had been taking
ballroom dance lessons at Dance Charisma with Eileen for years, while I, well, suffice it to say was "ballroom dance challenged." So we took private
lessons with
Eileen  before our wedding day (mostly to bring me up to speed).  Using our
own wedding song, Eileen taught us step by step, with humor and patience,
how to be our best on the dance floor.  Thanks to Eileen, our wedding day
was even more special with a
dance to remember.

Terry and Maryann Fagan










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